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Welcome to the Judicial Data Collaborative Definitions Project!

If you are here, it is because you have agreed to help drive this project and a member of the Editorial team has shared login credentials with you to access this page. In order to get started, we have created a short editing guide to help. If you (or an interested colleague!) don't have login credentials and would like to contribute to this project, please write to

The project has three aligned objectives:

  • First, to create a public good for those interested in the justice system in India in the form of a research wiki that connects (i) formal institutions, (ii) actors, (iii) core concepts relating to their functioning, (iv) various metrics used to assess their performance and (v) demonstrates how challenging concepts have been measured. The wiki brings out linkages between official literature, public databases, and current research that analyses these facets. At present, the justice system is being observed through courts, police and prisons.
  • Second, to bring out some of the gaps, overlaps and challenges in understanding and consuming publicly available data released by Indian justice institutions.
  • Third, to act as a platform that allows contributors to discuss, suggest and agree on actionable ways that official "data creators" may adapt current practices to be more transparent, accessible and responsible to the public. These suggestions will not only be geared towards researchers but also technologists focused on interoperability of systems & developing tools that consume and add value to justice data.

Example articles

We've created a small set of sample articles to demonstrate the structure of potential pages and value to students, researchers, journalists, practising lawyers and those involved in building technology for the justice system in India. These adhere to a common format and include:

Advocate Commercial Court First Information Report (FIR) Perjury Tribunals
Arrear Complaint Government Litigation Petitioner Virtual Courts
Backlog Consumer court ICJS Plea Bargain Witness
Bail Convict Interlocutory application Police Station Writ Petition
Bench Court complex Judge Prosecution
Beyond reasonable doubt Court manager Jurisdiction Protest Petition
Case Clearance Rate Courts Lok adalat Remand
Causelist Criminal Leave Petitions Natural justice Respondent
Caveat Custody Notary Roster
Charge-Sheet Detainee/Detenu Decree Sentence
Case Information System (CIS) Family court Pendency Special courts
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