Sample Structure

From Justice Definitions Project

Each article within the Justice Definitions Project may follow roughly a similar format:

Format of article
Sl no Section Heading Content
1 What is ________ A simple, introductory or accessible meaning of the concept or term. This section may establish how the concept is commonly used and its significance.
2 Official definition of ______ An overview of definitions given in legislation, case law or official government reports.
3 Types of ____ Any classification of major categories of the term. This may also include regional variations (as provided by legal experts & practising lawyers).
4 Appearance in official databases How is this concept invoked in official databases and in what ways does it appear? Which apex departments and agencies are the relevant data creators and what methods do they follow to collate and present judicial data?

Where possible, this section should include direct links and screenshots.

5 Research that engages with ____ An overview of the research that has been conducted on this concept within the Indian justice context - what gaps or overlaps exist among this research? In what ways does research go beyond official documentation of the concept?
6 International experiences (Optional) How have other countries sought to define, operationalise and collect data regarding this concept? What lessons do these comparative experiences have for India?

This section may not be relevant for every article and countries with actual comparative relevance should be carefully chosen.

7 Data challenges What issues and challenges stand in the way of analysis of this concept
8 Way ahead Given the prevailing data challenges, what suggestions have been put forward by senior judges, stakeholders, academics & research organisations to (i) standardise or harmonise available data,

(ii) improve data collection in the future, and

(iii) enable systemic analysis?

9 Also known as Comparable or synonymous terms used in the Indian context
10 References A complete list of citations and references from the article will be generation here

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