Maharashtra State Administrative Tribunal

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As per Section 15 of the Administrative Tribunals Act, 1985, this Tribunal has all the powers of the High Court, and jurisdiction over all service matters of Government servants of the State of Maharashtra. The Maharashtra State Administrative Tribunal has 3 benches with the principal bench being in Mumbai, and the regional benches being in Nagpur and Aurangabad.

Legislative Framework


Chairman F. and A. Rules Revised (Marathi)

Administrative Tribunal (Amendment) Act, 2006

Administrative Tribunal Act, 2006-Salary and Allowances

Administrative Tribunal Act, 2006-Selection Process (Hindi)

Administrative Tribunal Act, 2006-Staff-Condition of Service

Administrative Tribunal Act, 2006-Financial Powers

Administrative Tribunal Act, 2006-Judge to conduct inquiry

Contempt of Court Rules, 1963

Certified Copy Rules 1992 - MAT


Maharashtra Administrative Tribunal (Procedure) Rules, 1988


Under the authority granted by sub-section (1) of section 16 of the Administrative Tribunal Act, 1985 (13 of 1985), the Government of Maharashtra, vide Notification No. MAT.1096/429/(58)-IX, directs that the jurisdiction of the Aurangabad Bench of the Maharashtra State Administrative Tribunal will now include the Dhule district of the Nashik Revenue Division. The Bench is empowered to exercise jurisdiction, powers, and authority in all matters arising from the Dhule district under the aforementioned Act. To effect this change, the Government amended its previous notification, dated August 14, 1992, issued by the Law and Judiciary Department with serial number 751678(90)-XI, as follows:

(a) In the entry at serial No.1, column 3, the brackets and words "(except Ahmednagar and Jalgaon, District)" are replaced with the brackets and words "(except Ahmednagar, Jalgaon, and Dhule District)."

(b) In the entry at serial No.3, column 3, the words "Ahmednagar and Jalgaon" are replaced with the words "Ahmednagar, Jalgaon, and Dhule."

Subjects List:

Status of Digitisation

Main website:

The tribunal has its own website which contains all relevant information related to the tribunal.

E-cause list:

E-cause lists and video conferencing are also not available.


E-filing of cases is also not available. However, the forms for filing different kinds of applications are available on the website under the downloads tab as shows in the image 1 below. A sample of one of the forms is given in image 2. Since there is no option of e-filing, the option of e-payment is also unavailable.


Judgments of every bench can be dowloaded from the download tab for every bench. A long list appears (image1). A possible improvement of the interface to make it more accessible and easier for litigants would be sorting the judgments according to date and case number.

Judgements of the Principal Bench of MSAT at Mumbai As seen here, the judgements have not been sorted and are just presented as a long list with various details making it difficult to navigate.

Daily orders:

Daily orders are also available in the download section of the website. here are three different sections - Daily orders for 2023, daily orders for 2019 and previous years, and Daily orders for 2020. By clicking on any one of them, a table appears on the page (image1). By clicking on any date, a PDF of the daily order appears (image 2).

Case Status:

One can also look into case status either through case number (image1), party wise, advocate, and orders/judgments.

Disposal Rate:

The disposal report is available in the reports tab. By clicking on it a table appears like an image1. By clicking on any year, a pdf of the disposal report appears for that year (image 2). However, the data has not been updated for most of the years mentioned and no data post 2020 has been provided.


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